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Accelerated Transformations leverages Business Intelligence tools to visualize complex datasets and bridge the data literacy and skills gap

We provide solutions and training that lead to insight driven organizations and data driven leaders. Our Consulting Apprentice model brings innovation and  flexibility to our clients.









Scrum Trainings

Teneika is clear, concise, doesn't use wordy explanations or sayings that we wouldn't understand; she also respectfully assumes that we don't know anything which helped with knowledge gaps. -A.L.


The training was interactive and collaborative even virtually, which helped with content retention. The real-life examples helped to relate to the workplace. Teneika has a great attitude! She enjoys sharing her knowledge and it shows! -Other Attendees


Analytics Offerings

Teneika is a thought leader, advocate, and a pioneer in all things Analytics. During our time working together, Teneika has driven business not only within Tech-Savvy (a project to Advance people skills) but also within personal mentorship. I highly recommend Teneika to everyone who is looking for an Analytics champion, business builder and an overall high achiever. My words cannot express how thankful I am to have had Teneika as a mentor during our time together.

Career Coaching

Teneika is truly a professional influencer! She was instrumental in the onset of my tech consulting career. We had multiple resume sessions where we intimately reviewed and catered my skills to the role when I started at Booz Allen. She’s a great mentor... she gave me great advice on self-advocacy that has been pivotal during promotion cycles. I’ve referred several people to her that she’s helped and I personally know she is always working with someone on their professional and career growth in one way or another. She has a heart for people and wants to see everyone win!

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